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Are you looking for a fire alarm installed or maintained? Call us today

Fire Alarm Installation

In-Depth Security Ltd provide a fire alarm installation service for commercial, residential and agricultural clients within 100km of Westmeath.

We stock an extensive range of C-TEC, Advanced, Morley, Kantech and Menvier fire alarms, and ensure every addressable fire alarm system and conventional fire alarm system is installed to the highest professional and safety standards.



Arrange an installation or service with In-Depth Security at a time that works for you

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Larger commercial and industrial premises favour the installation of an addressable fire alarm system thanks to their sophisticated alarm control panel. Property owners can pinpoint the source of an outbreak and take appropriate action.

Conventional Fire Alarm System

A conventional fire alarm system effectively warns clients of an outbreak as well as meeting all relevant health and safety legislation. This particular system is more basic and less costly than an addressable fire alarm system.


Arrange an installation service with In-Depth Security at a time that works for you

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