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Looking to install intruder alarms for your home or business? Call us today

Intruder Alarms

In-Depth Security Ltd supply, install and maintain intruder alarms for commercial and residential clients in Westmeath and the surrounding counties.


Our extensive range of alarm systems are suitable for a wide range of settings and can be tailored to suit all security requirements demanded by our clients.


We offer the following intruder alarm services:




Service & repairs
Maintenance contracts

Intruder Alarms

Install a monitored alarm system with the expert installers at In-Depth Security Ltd

Home Alarm Systems

Making our clients feel safe and in control of their own home is a responsibility we take very seriously to ensure your family members and property are protected.

Our team of fully licenced and certified home security installers help homeowners find security solutions that can be managed and monitored easily. We work closely with every client by tailoring the functionality of their house alarms according to their preferences.

In-Depth Security Ltd only work with trusted manufacturers of high-quality home alarm systems in order to provide our clients with the best level of protection on the market.


Home Alarm Systems

Commercial Alarm Systems

Ensuring your commercial premises is protected on a 24/7 basis enables business owners to enjoy peace of mind by knowing their security requirements are fully taken care of.

In-Depth Security Ltd design and install effective commercial alarm systems that meet the requirements of businesses across a diverse range of industries.

All our commercial alarm systems are installed to the very strict standards of the PSA by our Stellar certified intruder alarm installers.


Commercial Alarm Systems
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