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Security Fogging

Security fogging is a different approach to the whole issue of securing property against burglary and theft.

Traditional security systems protect your business by acting as deterrents and strengthening your perimeter defences, to prevent access to the property. This traditional approach involved using locks, shuttering and bollards to prevent access, as well as using alarms and CCTV to act as deterrents.

But what happens when traditional defences are breached?

  ● response times by the authorities can be anything from 10 minutes to…?
  ● burglaries are typically completed within the first three or four minutes of entry
  ● which means that the intruders know they can be ‘long gone’ well before the authorities arrive

Today’s criminal fraternity confidently and effectively utilise this response time as their ‘window of opportunity’ to perpetrate their crimes and get clean away.

High Speed Security Fog is activated immediately on entry and quickly closes this window of opportunity – what they can’t see, they can’t steal!

The machine releases a huge plume of fog protecting an entire room in seconds.

As the security fog leaves no residue, it can be used in any environment without the worry of damaging equipment or stock – from electrical goods and fashion, to white goods and antiques security fogging can work in any environment.



Fog Bandit Fogging System

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